If you enjoy meaningful conversation, listening to others (particularly relative to their relationship with God), and desire to journey with people well as they seek todeepen their experience of God, the School of Spiritual Direction (SSD) may be for you. 

The SSD is a two-year certification program which trains and forms people in the ministry of spiritual direction. A few distinctives of the school are:

  • The deep level of friendship and community created given the size of cohorts (typically between 8-12 people). We learn to share and share vulnerably with one another and, in so doing, grow in real connection and love for one another.
  • Its modular format. We meet five times for a total of ten days over the course of nine months. This allows you to maintain your existing rhythms of work and life whilst being a student in the school. 
  • The opportunity to gain practice in offering spiritual direction early on. 
  • Receiving regular peer and formal supervision
  • Engaging a version of the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius in year two.

Alongside honing the skills of spiritual direction (how to form good questions, etc.), the program offers students a wonderful, significant spiritual formation. We learn about and engage various well-worn Christian contemplative prayer practices together. You will become more attentive to God’s presence, communication, and work in your own life; you will grow in faith, hope, and love. 

School Dates

This fall, I am teaching four cohorts: both a year one and year two cohort here in Winnipeg; and a year one and a year two cohort online. The Winnipeg cohort will be in person unless governmental recommendations and guidelines relative to COVID-19 necessitate meeting online. 

  • Year One ONLINE (9am – 5pm CDT/CST, Fri/Sat: ZOOM)
    • Sep 2-3, 2022
    • Oct 28-29, 2022
    • Dec 16-17, 2022
    • Feb 17-18, 2023
    • Apr 21-22, 2023
  • Year One IN PERSON/ONLINE HYBRID (9am – 5pm CDT/CST, Winnipeg, MB)
    • Nov 4-5, 2022
    • Nov 25-26, 2022
    • Jan 20-21, 2022
    • Mar 17-18, 2023
    • May 12-13, 2023

  • Year Two ONLINE (9am – 5pm CDT/CST, Fri/Sat: Zoom)
    • Sep 16-17, 2022
    • Nov 11-12, 2022
    • Jan 13-14, 2023
    • Mar 3-4, 2023
    • Apr 28-29, 2023

  • Year Two IN PERSON (9am – 5pm CDT/CST, Fri/Sat: Winnipeg, MB)
    • Oct 14-15, 2022
    • Dec 9-10, 2022, 
    • Feb 3-4, 2023
    • Mar 24-25, 2023
    • May 26-27, 2023

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