Meeting monthly for spiritual direction has been a wonderful way to make space in my life for God and for tending to my spiritual life. Suhail creates a quiet, contemplative and prayerful space for me to pay attention to God’s activity in my life. The space feels safe, confidential, prayerful, and explorative. Suhail’s deep listening and insightful questions help me become increasingly aware of God’s movements and invitations in the very ordinary Stuff of day-to-day life. I look forward to these meetings and I often leave with new insights, with a sense of comfort from God, with new energy for my prayer practices, or with a greater sense of God’s affection for me. ~ K

Jesus likes to talk about eyes that see and ears that hear, and about how people think they’re seeing and hearing when they’re actually not. The longer I do life with God, the more aware I am becoming of just how much my spiritual vision needs to be corrected. I get stuck in the dark, when God feels too far away or too quiet, and then I get frustrated. Spiritual direction, for me, has been about the “unstuckness” that comes from visiting a spiritual ophthalmologist, someone who helps you see what God might be up to. Working with Suhail, specifically, has been helpful – and I mean that in the strongest way possible: our sessions have been fortifying, steadying, encouraging, and insightful. I encourage you to meet with him – you will find a kind and generous listener who will help you see and receive God in your own life. ~ C

Spiritual Direction has been one of the most centering things I have done. It helps me to sift through / between my feelings from my thinking. It has also helped me to hear what Jesus is actually saying to me in the midst of it all. Suhail is very sensitive to the presence of God and is uniquely gifted to guide someone through a meaningful time with Jesus. I have recommended him to many friends. I feel loved by God to journey in this life with Suhail by my side. ~ J

Being quite introverted I’ve found that it’s important for me to hear myself articulate what’s happening in my mind and soul; which happens all the time in spiritual direction. What stands out for me is that […] I believe I’ve heard Spirit affirm who I am as a person, often in the details of life. That affirmation has grounded, encouraged and sustained me despite the challenges of the past and present. Suhail has become an important part of that affirmation as he has journeyed with me for over 3 years now as my present SD. I am still moved by his wise, Spirit-led questions and comments. Even when I don’t know what to say he gently guides us into conversations which reveal God’s love at work in my life. Having a SD who teaches spiritual direction and draws on the wisdom of saints, new and old, is a blessing. I am grateful for his contemplative and invitational way of accompanying me and look forward to God using him to deepen my relationship with The One who loves me just the way I am and yet loves me enough to help me become a better image bearer. ~ S

Spiritual direction has been a very enlightening experience for me. It has continually taken me deeper and closer to God and has helped me see more clearly His ultimate love and grace in my life. It has brought great encouragement and consistency as I continue growing and becoming more like Christ. Suhail has always been very caring and patient and his ability to listen accurately, ask the right questions and redirect my attention to the work of God in my life has been an absolute blessing. ~ R

I have been receiving Spiritual Direction from Suhail for the past five years, and it has truly been a gift. Through his hospitality, presence, care and wisdom, Suhail helps cultivate a space in which I can hear God and see what God is doing in my life in ways that I might otherwise miss. In Spiritual Direction I feel the freedom to ask the difficult questions, the encouragement to be fully present to my emotions, and the certainty that whatever I share will be received in kindness and respect. ~ E