A Typical Appointment

My approach to spiritual direction is informed by Ignatian spirituality and the tenets of Christian orthodoxy. I meet with directees for spiritual direction in person and online (via Zoom). Each spiritual direction appointment is around 50 minutes. Appointments usually feature:

  • A period of silence, followed by a short prayer for the directee.
  • Another period of silence which the directee breaks whenever they’re ready to begin (I’ve had some directees who begin after ten seconds and others after 15 minutes – either is fine with me).
  • The “body” of the session is directees sharing about their experience of God. During this time, my role as spiritual director is to listen attentively and compassionately, to ask good questions (i.e evocative and contemplative questions – the former to nourish further understanding of something and the latter to facilitate attention to God), and to provide an unhurried and contemplative space – often featuring silence – for directees to deepen their awareness of God’s voice, activity, and presence in their lives.
  • A short, closing prayer for the directee.

If relevant, I occasionally send resources (books, articles, prayer practices etc.) to directees after a session. These resources are intended to support what’s happening in the directee’s current experience of God and are offered without any expectation. Directees are welcome to engage with them to the extent they want, if at all.

Cost and Payment

  • At present, I charge $60 per session.
  • Payment is online via Stripe (including an additional transaction fee of 3.5% + $0.3 of the total), or (if you’re in Canada) Interac e-transfer.

Scheduling an Appointment

  • At the moment, I am only taking on new directees who wish to meet regularly for at least six months to a year.
  • I typically offer spiritual direction between 10am – 5pm CDT/CST, Monday through Thursday.
  • If you’d like to chat about spiritual direction or have me as your spiritual director, feel free to contact me. I’ll then send you a link to book an appointment with me and some further information.


  • I encourage directees to choose a rhythm of spiritual direction that feels desirable and doable.
  • Most directees book appointments once a month, and I have seen directees twice a month. Anything more frequent is usually not beneficial.
  • I recommend that new directees try spiritual direction for at least six months before deciding whether to continue or not.