Ignatian Discernment:
A Guided Process (PDF)

Suhail Stephen

Discernment is never just about decisions and outcomes. It is also always a process of spiritual formation relative to our sense of who God is and who God has made us to be.

This document is meant to give you a practical, comprehensive, and patient framework for both deepening your experience of God and making good decisions in the context of Ignatian discernment. 

A few notes:

  • This document will be updated in the future.
  • You are welcome to share this current version with others. If you would like to do so, please share this page with them so they have the same information and context.
  • If you would like to be notified when an updated version is available, or if you have any questions about the document or about Ignatian discernment in general, you’re welcome to contact me.
  • Ignatian Discernment: A Guide Process (PDF)