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Best of 2019

Despite not posting much this year, I could hardly forfeit the customary (see previous year-end lists below) opportunity to compile a best-of list. Here are a few general observations from the compiling: I didn’t see a single film in the cinema this year, for the first time since I can recall. The films I did […]

Lessons from Elementary School

It’s been quite some time since I ran riot in elementary school, but this summer has brought some of those glory days back to the fore via a summer school teaching job in Hong Kong. I love teaching, what with the opportunity to entirely brainwash childrens’ minds and all, but it has been nearly five […]


Ever since stumbling upon The Office (UK) and Extras, I have been quite the admirer of most things Ricky Gervais.  Much has been written about the splendor of these television shows, so I shall refrain from clogging up the air waves with my own brand of gushing here. Some time back, I heard that Mr. […]

iRacist: An App for Any Racist Occasion

After one particularly grueling game of football (3-3 being the end result), I walked to the train with a few teammates.  We must have looked a rather motley bunch, what with one Somalian, a Nigerian, a Nepali, a Yemeni, and myself.  We got onto the train and there were a few empty seats.  The Yemeni […]

Silence is Golden with Buster Keaton

It was only in the 1920s that “talkies” became the popular film currency, eclipsing more than two decades of silent film.  Prior to “talkies,” cinema was an entirely visual experience, and a monochrome one at that.  And I had no idea how pure film could be – and how cluttered the modern cinema-going experience actually […]