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This fall, I will once again be teaching two Sustainable Faith schools – the School of Spiritual Direction and the School of Mercy and Justice. Both have a wonderfully contemplative and communal ethos and involve excellent readings, individual and group exercises, receiving spiritual direction, and practising spiritual disciplines.

If you would like to have some conversation about either school or explore the possibility of facilitating either of them in your city, feel free to contact me.

For more information (syllabi, cost, registration information etc.) about the fall cohorts for both schools:

School of Spiritual Direction (SSD)


The SSD is a two-year program, the first of which is intended to provide a well-rounded introduction to the ministry of spiritual direction, The second year completes training for those who envision spiritual direction as a significant feature of their vocation. A real distinction of the school is the opportunity to offer spiritual direction early on and receive peer and formal supervision while doing so. Students also engage in an annotated version of the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius in year two.

  •  Year One (9am – 5pm, Fri/Sat: Winnipeg, MB)
    • Oct. 2/3, 2020
    • Nov. 20/21, 2020
    • Jan. 15/16, 2021
    • Mar. 19/20, 2021
    • May 7/8, 2021
  • Year Two (9am – 5pm, Fri/Sat: Winnipeg, MB)
    • Dates TBD

School of Mercy and Justice (SMJ)


The SMJ is a one-year program particularly for those who desire to cultivate a deep, vibrant interior life with God and engage effectively and healthily in the practical work of mercy and justice in the world. It’s spiritual formation for those who long to embody a contemplative posture while engaging in an active life with those on the margins of society.

  • SOMJ (9am – 5pm, Fri/Sat: Winnipeg, MB)
    • Oct. 16/17, 2020
    • Dec. 11/12, 2020
    • Jan. 29/30, 2021
    • Apr. 9/10, 2021
    • May 28/29, 2021

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