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A Calendar of Films: Part Two (2006)

To date, I have only had one truly life-changing film experience.  Undoubtedly, cinema has offered me plenty of magical, moving, and memorable occasions the deposits of which have only burrowed deeper over time – but what I am speaking of is something that evokes a little more violence.  You see, things were processing quite happily […]

The Decisive Moment

My favorite photographer is Henri Cartier-Bresson.  In addition to being amongst the stealthiest of photographers (rumor has it that he could finish several rolls of film in a crowd without anyone even remembering that he was there), he had an uncanny ability to capture moments.  Cartier-Bresson said the following of photography in the preface to […]

Palestine: To Be Or Not To Be?

On the 23rd of September at this year’s General Assembly in New York, Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas submitted a formal request for Palestinian state recognition and full United Nations membership along the June 1967 borders (see map below) with East Jerusalem as capital.  Abbas’ speech was met with resounding applause and even a decent standing […]