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My Story

I’ve attended three weddings this summer and had the privilege of singing at two of them. Weddings are lovely occasions; I love all the pomp and circumstance, not to mention the quite palpable sense of sacredness they evoke. Frequently during these ceremonies, I feel so very moved. Several summers ago, I woke up on the […]

James Blake, Minneapolis

I was very spoiled when I lived in Chicago as any and every band that I wanted to see came through. My first and second years of university, especially, were little else than a musical bonanza. My friends and I (cloistered in the suburbs west of Chicago) took virtually opportunity those two years to take […]

Lessons from Elementary School

It’s been quite some time since I ran riot in elementary school, but this summer has brought some of those glory days back to the fore via a summer school teaching job in Hong Kong. I love teaching, what with the opportunity to entirely brainwash childrens’ minds and all, but it has been nearly five […]

Because You Cannes Cannes Cannes

Sunshine tickling the celebrity yachts in the French Riviera, all manner of parties and to-dos at night, open air screenings at the Cinéma de la Plage, and a feast of cinema (by invitation only, of course) unlike any other gracing the hallowed The Grand Théâtre Lumière: welcome to the annual Cannes Film Festival. For the […]

Carousels of Life and Death

Several years ago – five to be precise – I initiated the process of applying for an MSW, a master’s in the field of social work. I applied to three different programs (respectively in New York, Oxford, and Jerusalem) and as any application process tends to do, I couldn’t help but think about why I wanted […]


Ever since stumbling upon The Office (UK) and Extras, I have been quite the admirer of most things Ricky Gervais.  Much has been written about the splendor of these television shows, so I shall refrain from clogging up the air waves with my own brand of gushing here. Some time back, I heard that Mr. […]

And the Oscar Goes to…

Well, it’s Oscar season and yours truly has decided to weigh in on the nominees.  Not that the Oscars are a particular favourite of mine (Cannes being my film festival holy grail for all its agony and ecstasy), but I can’t seem to resist joining the hubbub. Below, I have selected a few of my […]

A Calendar of Films: Part Two (2006)

To date, I have only had one truly life-changing film experience.  Undoubtedly, cinema has offered me plenty of magical, moving, and memorable occasions the deposits of which have only burrowed deeper over time – but what I am speaking of is something that evokes a little more violence.  You see, things were processing quite happily […]

A Calendar of Films: Part One (2005)

Ever since the summer of 2005, I have kept a record of every film I have watched, whether it be in the cinema or on DVD.  It was a class  I took that year – in my last semester of university – called “Cinema” that did the trick, ushering me from Hollywood fluff (which I […]

Best of 2012

Though I’m just as much a sucker as the next guy when it comes to end-of-the-year lists (see below), I would like to engage in a few moments of reflection as a means of taking stock of the past year.  After all, Socrates said that “The unexamined life is not worth living” and seeing as […]